Mar 7, 2011

White Squirrel Redux

While out walking with my wife this sunny afternoon, we came across a denizen of the neighborhood that I have previously blogged about. This white squirrel can be found within a few hundred feet of the same spot on any given day, and over the past year the squirrel seems to be increasingly comfortable around humans.

I suspect that the unusual appearance of this particular squirrel has endeared the rodent to nearby humans, and that people have been feeding the squirrel by hand. We were able to get with six feet or so of the squirrel, and if we had a couple of peanuts, the creature no doubt would have sauntered right up to see us.


Mad Jack said...

Nice photo! I've only seen the elusive white squirrel a few times in my life. You're fortunate to have one near your home.

As the squirrel appears to lack the pink eyes that a true albino has, I'm wondering if it qualifies as an albino squirrel or not.

microdot said...

Isn't there a population of white squirrels in Bowling Green? I remember them in the 60's and early 70's.

You are lucky to have nice cute little white squirrels.
My dog chased a family of way too friendly boars on MOnday morning!

Anonymous said...

Here in bowling green KY there is a colony of white squirrels that was bred by a biology professor at Western Kentucky University and set free. Since then they have thrived, so much that they seem dominant over the brown squirrels and run them away from their territories. If you want to see them, come here.

carl said...

Is it an albino? Red eyes? It's beautiful anyway

ROB Nelson said...

Very nice!