Apr 8, 2011

Canine Hoarding

Pictured on your left is Missy, a nine-year-old terrier mix we adopted through Planned Pethood a few years ago. Missy suffered serious abuse and neglect in her previous home, and though she is much more social than when she first arrived, she still has some moments of feistiness.

In the image Missy has rounded up most of the fillable bones we set out for the dogs, and every time another dog ventured within a few yards of her "stash," Missy chased them away. Her acquisition methods were also quite impressive, as she managed to simultaneously keep tabs on the bones the other dogs were chewing. As soon as they walked away from a bone, BAM! She raced over, grabbed the unattended bone, and added it to her collection.

Pretty funny stuff, unless of course you were one of the pooches who had a bone purloined by Missy. I should add that most of the dogs made the mistake of setting up chew-camp near Missy, and thus made it easier for her to spy on their treat.

If I were a dog, I would take the treat behind a couch or someplace that was a bit more defensible. Then again, if I were a dog, I would probably not possess enough cognitive skills to work out such a solution.

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Anonymous said...

She looks great; she's come such a long way! If I'd come from the situation she had been in, then I'd hoard all the treats, too!