Apr 18, 2011

Life No More

The wind storm that roared through yesterday seems to have taken a nascent avian life, and I felt a brief pang of sadness at seeing the broken egg shell on thr ground. There were no mourners for the former occupant of the shell, and I suppose even the bird's mother had yet to develop much of an attachment to what was little more than a warm lump the size of large grape.

Maybe the grey April skies that dumped a brief snowfall this morning brought down my spirits, or maybe I am simply in a funk. Yet the sight of the unfulfilled life haunted me for more than a few minutes, and even hours later the cracked shell seems depressing.

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Anonymous said...

You got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette...the inevitable destruction of life to create it. Of course, it is amazing how many eggs one can break with making a decent omelette...moreover, in this case, those of us cracking wise with our yokes, we are never the ones expecting to be the eggs. Oh heck, I think my intended metaphors are getting scrambled.

Hope you are feeling better Mike...nice to see your words of wisdom again!