Apr 14, 2011

Spring Daffodils

I have been rather ill of late. The beginning of my health woes involved a kidney stone for which I had to go through outpatient surgery last week, and now I have some gastric-oriented problem that keeps me nauseated and in pain all day. I had an ultrasound today to see if gallstones are the problem. If not, I probably have a peptic ulcer, or some other source of gastric annoyance.

Fun times.

Anyways, it warmed my heart to see that the daffodils are beginning to brighten up the yard, as nothing screams "SPRING!" like the bright yellow flowers of these perennial friends. The combination of sunshine and yellow petals did not cure me, but for a few minutes the day was a bit brighter.


unmitigated me said...

Gawd, it sucks getting old, doesn't it? When you're feeling better, we need to schedule a Friday night hang-out.

flask said...

hey, mike? when you said the thing about gallstones, i just thought it worth mentioning:

i was sick for nearly three years with a dead gallbladder. i had no stones, no sludge, but my gallbladder had just stopped working and by the time they took it out it was going necrotic.

it's worth telling to you because the absence of stones does not necessarily mean that your gallbladder isn't the problem.

just file it for reference.

and good luck with that.

historymike said...

Unmitigated me:

Yeppers - sounds like fun.

historymike said...


Round One: the ultrasound came back as "gallbladder sludge, with possible gallstones." Now I have to get a HIDA scan to see just how dysfunctional the gallbladder is, and whether I need to get it removed. Yippee!