Apr 10, 2011

Use Google for Sunrise and Sunset

The folks at Google never cease to amaze me.

I was trying to time my early bedtime this evening by checking the sunset time, as I have an almost pathological inability to sleep when the sun is out. Perhaps this has something to do with my childhood, growing up with a father who instilled in me a rather intense work ethic.

Or maybe I just have a strong circadian streak in me: who knows.

Anyways, when I typed in the word "sunset" in the Google search bar, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the top search result was a customized sunset time for my area. Typing in "sunrise" brought a similar result, with the following handy information: "7:01am Monday (EDT) - Sunrise in Toledo, OH 43623: 11 hours 17 minutes from now ."

Friendly, fast, accurate: what more could you want?


Mad Jack said...

I think the dog is timed to sunrise and sunset - even in a room devoid of windows.

Jason said...

It's quite amazing what google will do when you ask it. Type in "Tigers Game" and it will give you the box score of the most recent one, plus the date & time of the next one. You can do math in the search box, all kinds of things. :)

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