May 27, 2011

Bearded Iris

The seemingly endless rain we have experienced in Northwest Ohio over the past ten days has certainly been appreciated by the plants in my gardens, and my iris plants look strong and healthy. A brief break in the torrential downpours yesterday gave me a few minutes to snap some pictures of the emerging irises.

My wife planted most of our irises a decade or more ago, and they bring welcome bursts of color in between tulip season and when the summer flowers start blooming. I also like that the irises stand up well against the frantic feet of my squirrel-chasing dogs, and a pocket of irises is almost an impenetrable barrier to my scampering canine companions.


Anonymous said...

Lovely should be a professional...after all the horrors that nature has wrought recently.

Mad Jack said...

Nice pic, Mike! I like iris. My paternal grandmother used to grow several dozen around the house. She complained that the iris was thought of as an 'old lady's' flower, but I never found it so.