May 13, 2011

Crabapple Tree in Bloom

One of the highlights of the seasonal colors that appear in our yard is the blooming of the crabapple tree pictured on your left. For a week or so the tree produces brilliant pink and fuchsia petals, and local bees become almost drunk in their gorging on nectar and pollen from these flowers.

I too derive a state of near intoxication from the color this tree brings each year. I remember trying to work on my dissertation a few years ago and being almost lured, Siren-like, by the powerful beauty of this crabapple tree.

Interestingly, while this was a wet and early spring, this crabapple tree was about a week behind its usual schedule of blooming the first week of May. Occasionally the tree will burst into color around April 30, but this year it was mid-May before the color arrived.


microdot said...

Sorry to hear about your health related problems, Mike...spring is the best and the worst time of the year.
the good news is, you made it and my prediction is that you will be around for many more cranky springtimes to come!

SensorG said...

Does that tree really lean that much or is it a camera thing?

historymike said...

Microdot: thanks, and I trust your prediction will be fulfilled.

historymike said...

SensorG: yes, the tree is a leaner. We are going to try one of those tree anchors to "train" it to straighten up.

gpoau said...

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Anonymous said...

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