May 16, 2012

Red Poppy

I have forgotten when I first started planting these Oriental poppies, but each spring they return, bringing with them vivid colors in their flowers. I was not paying much attention to their progress, and when I stepped outside this morning to get the paper for my wife I was surprised to see one of the poppies bloomed overnight.

In the middle of the night the flower opened, as if the plant was unwilling to let anyone see the unveiling of the blossom.

Perhaps seeing the flower in the morning light made for a greater spectacle.

Apr 9, 2012

When Planning Goes Well

Often my attempts to plan my gardens do not quite wind up the way that I envision. Sometimes plants die, sometimes animals dig up bulbs and seeds, and there are a host of additional variables that can affect horticultural results.

Now, I have been the recipient of many happy accidents over the years, so I am not really complaining here. At best we can sort of nudge nature in a given direction, but if a soil is too acidic or there is not enough light for a given plant, all bets are off.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see the double-petaled tulips on your left line up almost exactly as I visualized, with a long row of reddish-orange blossoms contrasting with the bright green leaves of the hostas starting to emerge. The addition of the red cypress mulch also helps highlight this color contrast.

Now: off to rescue some lilies that seem on the verge of an untimely death.

Apr 6, 2012

Tulips in Bloom

I have been impatiently waiting to see the horticultural results of the 250 or so bulbs I planted last fall. Despite the diligent efforts of local squirrels to dig up and eat my bulbs, enough managed to survive to produce some color this spring.

I did augment a few areas by transplanting some sprouted tulips this spring, as there were a few bare spots. Still, with another 100 bulbs or so this fall I think this area will be very impressive next spring.

Provided, of course, that the zombie apocalypse does not occur between now and next spring. Thnking further, this will still be an impressive display even if zombies take over, since they have no use for tulips, but there will be few if any humans to see the floral display.

Mar 7, 2012

Arrival of the Crocus

The warm weather the last two days sent my crocus plants into high gear, and even though I intuitively knew that plants had to be emerging, I was still taken somewhat aback by the bursts of color on this early March afternoon.

The arrival of spring colors is like the return of long-lost friends. I took a few minutes out of my busy schedule to wander around the yard for the first time since early December, and though I did not accomplish much, it was time well spent.

Feb 4, 2012

Super Bowl XVLI Prediction

In keeping with my past traditions, I am posting my annual Super Bowl prediction. Now, though I would not recommend taking anything I say straight to your bookie, I can say that last year's prediction of a victory by the Green Bay Packers raised my Super Bowl prognostication record to 6-0 since joining the blogosphere half a decade ago.

This year I see the Patriots coming from behind with a couple of second half TDs to overcome an early Giants lead. I also see the Patriots defense continuing to surprise, limiting Eli Manning and the G-Men to seven second half points.

Other recent successful Historymike predictions:

2011 Prediction: Packers 27, Steelers 21 (Actual Packers 31, Steelers 25).
2010 Prediction: Saints 37, Colts 34 (Actual Saints 31, Colts 17).
2009 Prediction: Steelers 27, Cardinals 21 (Actual 27-23 Steelers win)
2008 Prediction: Giants 27, Patriots 24 (Actual 17-14 Giants win)
2007 Prediction: Colts 27, Bears 21 (Actual 29-17 Colts win)
2006 Prediction: Steelers 24, Seahawks 17 (Actual 21-10 Steelers win)

Feel free to leave your own predictions and/or homer hate mail in the Comments section.