Mar 7, 2012

Arrival of the Crocus

The warm weather the last two days sent my crocus plants into high gear, and even though I intuitively knew that plants had to be emerging, I was still taken somewhat aback by the bursts of color on this early March afternoon.

The arrival of spring colors is like the return of long-lost friends. I took a few minutes out of my busy schedule to wander around the yard for the first time since early December, and though I did not accomplish much, it was time well spent.


Mad Jack said...

You beat me to it.

Jim Styro said...

Winter has been very kind this year (so far). Let's hope those crocuses (croci?) don't get wiped out by our first major snowstorm this year - in late April.

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers and sports predictions...come on Mike, we expect a little more substance from you on this blog.

By the way, great photograph as always.

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WhyNot said...

Anonymous (lol),

"come on Mike, we expect a little more substance from you on this blog. "

Mmmm... well, from what I read of the comments, Mike's articles have way more substance than can be found in the brain of the ppl who comment. "How to attract men" aka "how to flirt with a guy" wins the grand prize of the "chick with no brain" competition.