Apr 9, 2012

When Planning Goes Well

Often my attempts to plan my gardens do not quite wind up the way that I envision. Sometimes plants die, sometimes animals dig up bulbs and seeds, and there are a host of additional variables that can affect horticultural results.

Now, I have been the recipient of many happy accidents over the years, so I am not really complaining here. At best we can sort of nudge nature in a given direction, but if a soil is too acidic or there is not enough light for a given plant, all bets are off.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see the double-petaled tulips on your left line up almost exactly as I visualized, with a long row of reddish-orange blossoms contrasting with the bright green leaves of the hostas starting to emerge. The addition of the red cypress mulch also helps highlight this color contrast.

Now: off to rescue some lilies that seem on the verge of an untimely death.


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